About Acando

    Technology drives change, but it's the end-users’ will and ability to use it that creates true value. Combining deep technical knowledge with an understanding of human behavior, we innovate, streamline and mobilize organizations to achieve sustainable change.

    We are approximately 2000 employees in five countries and we’re particularly proud that our clients rank us highly when it comes to personal commitment and the ability to cooperate with their organization – that’s how we make change happen.

    Our Vision

    A more capable world

    A more capable world
    We believe in aggregating and accelerating talent. We aim to give both clients and employees the power to transform and to be transformed. The way we generate value , is by contributing to the supply and accessibility of talent.

    Our Mission

    Acceleration at Heart, Strategy in Mind

    Acceleration at Heart, Strategy in Mind
    We have the ability to envision tomorrow’s drivers and adapt them to the conditions of today - that’s how we help our clients to accelerate transformation. Where structure and visionary thinking meet, we make strategies come alive. Where experience and innovation become one, we make a difference.

    Our Values

    Modern Pioneers,
    Grounded Achievers,
    Passionate Transformers 

    Modern Pioneers
    We inspire our clients in new ways, bringing solutions that challenge existing structures and established truths. We distinguish ourselves by clarity and transparency in all our business relations.

    Grounded Achievers
    We create trust through facts, theory and structure. And add clarity by cutting through complexity.

    Passionate Transformers
    We challenge ourselves and our clients to go further, and accelerate change through passionate execution.

    Our strategy

    Technology driven,
    Behavior centric

    We don't believe in the traditional division between management and IT. In today's digital world, companies need to be able to break down that barrier to accelerate their transformation. Therefore, we too need a new approach to be able to help our clients. We believe in using technology as the driving force and in putting the end-user at the center of everything we do. Combining this approach with functional- and industry expertise, and our deep knowledge within change management - we help our clients to improve their employee satisfaction, customer experience and their ability to drive innovation and to develop as a company.